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Jazz Drum School makes learning Jazz drums easy and accessible for students of all skill levels. Through my fresh approach to online drum lessons, I cover beginning to advanced techniques and concepts in Jazz drumming.
Over 300 lessons. Pay one time for a course and drum forever!
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3 Big Reasons You Should Learn Jazz Drumming

Learn 3 big reasons you should learn Jazz drumming and how you can easily start learning it today. Transform your playing and your career.


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9 Courses


Learn everything you need from scratch in this course pack to get swinging on your drums. Save yourself 20% too while you're building a rock solid Jazz drumming foundation. 

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9 Courses


This course pack covers everything you need to get you out there playing with other musicians. Enjoy 20% off while you sharpen your Jazz drumming skills.

What drummers say about Jazz Drum School

Jazz Drumming Courses

Your courses are really instructive and I appreciate many of your ideas and good suggestions which are helpful in Jazz drumming. Besides, it is much fun!
Axel H.
As you probably know, it’s easy to hit a slump in your playing and feel like you’re not making any progress. Your courses have pulled me out of a slump. I finally feel like I’m getting better again!
Evan S.
I’ve been enjoying your brushes course (Brushes Mastery Course) a lot and found some really useful lessons in there. The new Latin patterns beyond my basic Bossa are a godsend!
Francis O.
It's like there's a million things to play out there, but you have condensed all of JAZZ coordination into a series of lessons (Jazz Drum Set Independence Course)…Once I am done with this, I'll have the foundation to play rhythms like Brian Blade or any drummer for that matter….
Ajay J.

Beginner drum lessons

Essential beginning drummer lessons to play Jazz on the drums. Learn, how to swing, drumming independence and drum soloing fast. 

Drumming with brushes

Drumming brushes aren't just for Jazz.  Learn to play brushes in Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Pop and other styles of drumming.

Play great in any Jazz group with over 100 first-call drummer secrets.

Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat

Learn sizzling hi-hat licks for your Jazz drumming.

Fast Ride Cymbal Playing

Play Swing at any tempo with this quick course.

Learn the Bossa Nova, Samba and Baião drum beats we use in Jazz drumming.

Jazz Drum Soloing

This is the ultimate Jazz Drum soloing course. Learn to solo like a pro.

Jazz Drum Fills

Turn up the Jazz in your drum fills with my ultimate fills course. Nail fluid and polished drum fills dripping with musicality.

How To Set Up Your Drum Kit

Get the right gear and learn how to set your drums up like the pros. 

Odd Meter Jazz Drumming

Play Jazz drum beats in 3/4 and 5/4.

Drum set independence

Play more than simple drum beats. Improve your drum set independence and have more fun playing.

Afro-Cuban Latin drumming

Learn the most important Afro-Cuban Latin grooves for Jazz drumming.

Jazz Funk Drumming

Learn to swing your Funk beats. Cool Funk drumming beats and smooth drum fills will get you up and grooving quickly.

Jazz Drums Comping

Learn to comp with the finesse of a pro.

Reading and playing Jazz band music charts.

Learn how to read and play drum charts and music lead sheets like a pro.
Loving the courses so far. I'm an intermediate drummer who has dabbled in Jazz for years without really knowing what I was doing. The courses give me the structure to approach Jazz methodically. I'm very interested in comping, fills, trading 4s/8s, as well as Latin and Samba. Jazz Drum School is exactly what I was looking for.
Michael W.
Von, your Brazilian course is excellent, thank you! I both enjoyed and learned new things, such as Funk and Partido Alto.  And your use of Samba percussion is "wow"! You really got the feel deeply! Thanks, Von!
Jukka S.

Need a little more help with your Jazz drumming?

Send me a direct message in the School and ask your questions in my monthly Drum Lab class. Just some of the perks for joining Jazz Drum School! 
Von, I just wanted to thank you for creating these amazing courses. The Jazz Drum Comping mini course was also awesome and now I have a good bunch of exercises for practicing every day.

I've never seen a faster improvement in my drumming than with your teaching. Also I'd like to remark about the incredible improvement in my music reading capabilities. You're not only a drum teacher but, most important, a MUSIC teacher.

Your work as a teacher is invaluable for people like me. With very complicated work schedules, it is impossible for me to attend a "traditional" music school, so Jazz Drum School has been a blessing for me and I'm so happy that you can be my teacher, although you're in Japan and I'm in Spain!
Miguel R.
Very inspiring and achievable. A wonderfully designed course (Brushes Mastery Course) that eliminates all the mystery and guesswork associated with the fine art of brushes. I was able to learn and improve immediately. All from an excellent drummer and teacher!
Ernest D.

Is Jazz Drumming Hard?

My mission is to make Jazz drumming easy to learn for every drummer.  Jazz drumming is more challenging than most other styles but it's also incredibly fun to play. 

All of the new drumming skills you learn here at Jazz Drum School will also help you play better in whatever style you play the most. 

Drum Lessons That Work

Of course, you'll learn the hand patterns, drum fills and drum grooves we use in Jazz drumming but I don't stop there.  My drum lessons also teach you how to play great with other musicians. 

My drum lessons use audio and video tracks of top Jazz musicians to teach new drumming skills and practice those skills.  This gives you the opportunity to use the things you learn, in the real world of music.

Playing great with other musicians is what it's all about.  

Enjoy Learning How To Play Drums

My online drum lessons will inspire and motivate you to pursue excellence on the drums. Through drumming with brushes, drum sticks and even your hands, let's achieve your drumming goals together. 

Join drummers in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America who are already improving their drumming. Enroll in one of my courses today!
I want to express my gratitude for what you do. For me (and I'm sure others), your Intro to Jazz drumming has been practical, and I see my flow coming through. Your platform is simple and direct. I am really enjoying playing your tracks and overall it is a great experience. Thanks!
Richard D.
In addition to the excellent teaching, the web page–including your responsiveness–is awesome.
Richard B.
Thank you for the lessons and your commitment to teaching Jazz drumming with a deep knowledge and kindness. Although I have been through all of the material (In the Jazz Drum Set Independence Course), I am still focused on the first set of patterns.

What I am finding helpful right away is the addition of new patterns that can enhance my ability to play along with my fellow musicians and to be part of the music. I am still fairly new to all of this and am grateful for your support as I learn to swing the beat and engage musically.
Pete F.
Well, Von Baron is just brilliant, so glad I found him and instantly joined up for the courses. Von Baron's videos and PDF's are just excellent and so easy to understand.  He also takes the time to explain in detail how to play.

Von explains step-by-step, how it should be played and performed. He's not rushed like some others on videos where all they want to do is to show how fast they can drum. I recommend signing up with Jazz Drum School 100% because you are in good hands.

I have learned so much in a short space of time but still have a long way to go.  I will be sticking with Von Baron as my main source of learning how to play Jazz. Thank You Von Baron for a fantastic programme.
Kevin L.

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