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Instructor: Von Baron

Thanks for visiting my Jazz Drum School! 

During my 35 years of Jazz drumming, I've performed with great Jazz legends like Benny Golson, Stanley Jordan, Eddie Henderson and Geoff Keezer.  This real world experience helped galvinize my Jazz drumming skills.

It also taught me what is important for my students to learn.  Having taught well over 10,000 drum lessons, I know how to cut through the information overload you see on the Internet.  I get right to heart of what you need to know to master Jazz drumming through a warm and easy-to-follow teaching style. 

I'm pleased to say that my Brushes Mastery Course has become the go-to Jazz brushes course for many drummers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. I'll be launching many more Jazz drumming courses in 2022 as well.

In the meantime, I hope you'll enroll in my Brushes Mastery Course.  Be sure to also join my email list below so you know when new courses are launched. 

Be well and keep swingin'!  -Von
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Featured Courses (More added early 2022!)

Explore your Jazz brushes. Create your sound.


Jazz drum lessons to learn 100% of what you need to know to become a skilled Jazz drummer.
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Master Your Sound

I want you to feel smooth and confident playing Jazz with brushes and sticks. Everything we do here will help you achieve your Jazz drumming goals. 

What drummers say about Jazz Drum School

The videos are informative, well presented, and high quality. I am loving this content and it is incredibly useful material.
Jonathan M.
I like very much the course and your musical approach.
Philippe P.
Von Baron’s courses reflect his relentless pursuit as a teacher. They are well executed and explained.  Most of all, Von Baron exudes a timeless joy for drumming.
John Cushon - Drum instructor, drummer for Oleta Adams, recording artist and producer

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Frequently asked questions

Why learn Jazz drumming?

Jazz drumming is the most difficult form of modern drumming. The coordination, musicianship and varied styles combine to make a powerful foundation for any drummer. 

I've always said, if you learn Jazz drumming, everything else is a piece of cake.  It's also incredibly FUN!

Unlike other styles of drumming, there is great freedom in Jazz drumming to interact and respond to the music. Creativity is valued above beat making.

What can you offer that I can't get at other online drum schools or lessons?

Learning drumming patterns is only 50% of the skill needed to play brushes and Jazz drums successfully on the bandstand. The other 50% is knowing how to connect those patterns to the music.

Most online drumming courses stop at learning drum fills and grooves.  My Jazz drumming courses will help you learn those skills and use them in real musical situations. Connecting your drumming to real music and real musicians is essential for success. 

Should I follow the lessons sequentially?

My courses are designed to move from one lesson to the next. I encourage you not to jump around. 

There may be concepts or specific skills you hadn't thought of or learned, so moving sequentially will ensure you cover everything. 

Is there a trial period?

Yes, all of my courses offer a 3-day money back guarantee. If a course isn't right for you, contact me (before the end of the trial period) on the Customer Support page and I'll process your refund. 

Can I pay in my currency?

You can purchase your course in multiple currencies. Prices are in USD but can be paid securely in many currencies using Stripe or PayPal.  After your payment is complete, you will be directed to your course.
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