Practice your Jazz drumming, get some new drum gear and connect. 

Drumming Practice & More 

Practice With These Lessons

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Practice Swing Feel

Feel the power of the quarter note to swing hard on the drums.

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Practice Trading 4's

Get better at feeling 4-measure phrases and solo with more confidence.

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Practice Trading 8's

Feel 8-measure phrases more naturally and improve you drum soloing. 

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5-Minute Brushes Warm Up

In this video from my Brushes Mastery Course, use my windshield wipers drum brushes pattern to warm up your hands. Learn this and dozens of other patterns in the course! 

Practice With These Drumless Tracks

Practice with over 100 more pro practice tracks in my Jazz Drum School Backing Tracks For Drums

Download My Drum Practice Tracks

You also have the option of buying and downloading each of my drumless track collections individually.  Click on any picture to learn more at my store. 

Play From Your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Save my drum practice tracks to your favorite cloud data storage like DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc... Practice with them anywhere!

Get Better for the Real World

These drum practice tracks are real musicians playing.  They'll prepare you for playing with other musicians in real Jazz drumming situations. 

Recommended Drum Kits & Drum Kit Accessories

I personally use or have used all of the the products I am recommending below.  It's my hand-curated list to help you drum your best. 

These are affiliate links. Buying through Jazz Drum School is a convenient way to get your drum gear and an easy way to support the our outreach to drummers worldwide! Thank you 🤙

Hands down the best compact kit I've played and I own one too!
Great cymbals at a great price for your Jazz drumming. 
A solid and versatile snare drum for Jazz drumming and beyond.
Yamaha makes the best hardware on the market. This lightweight pack will save your back!
The brushes I've used for over 10 years! Durable, a consistent sound and the perfectly gauged wire. 
Great practice cymbals for apartments and tight spaces.  I own these too!
A revolutionary design for low volume drum heads that feels and sounds great! 
Natural feel practice cymbals for your low volume drum set at an amazing price!
One of the best Jazz drum heads on the market. Great for playing brushes too!
Every drummer needs at least one of these. Give your snare drum a tune up and some TLC. 
My go-to portable kick drum pedal. Lightweight and compact but still full of power. 
The most comfortable drum throne on the market. Worth every penny and I use one in my studio too!
The portable drum throne cushion that saved my drumming career. I use it for all of my gigs. 
Next generation drum mutes. Long-lasting and effective at cutting out those unwanted overtones.
The practice pad I have used for years.  Feels great and helps to build strong hand technique. 
The drum mat I find at 90% of my gigs. Lightweight, easy to move around but strong enough even for heavy hitters. 

Need some private Jazz drum lessons?

Book a private online drum lesson with me.  See my store for more details about my lessons or click on "Book a lesson" to pay and schedule your lesson today!

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