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Practice With These Lessons

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Practice Swing Feel

Feel the power of the quarter note to swing hard on the drums.

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Practice Trading 4's

Get better at feeling 4-measure phrases and solo with more confidence.

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Practice Trading 8's

Feel 8-measure phrases more naturally and improve you drum soloing. 

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5-Minute Brushes Warm Up

In this video from my Brushes Mastery Course, use my windshield wipers drum brushes pattern to warm up your hands. Learn this and dozens of other patterns in the course! 

Practice With These Drumless Tracks

Practice with over 100 more pro practice tracks in my Jazz Drum School Backing Tracks For Drums

Download My Drum Practice Tracks

You also have the option of buying and downloading each of my drumless track collections individually.  Click on any picture to learn more at my store. 

Play From Your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Save my drum practice tracks to your favorite cloud data storage like DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc... Practice with them anywhere!

Get Better for the Real World

These drum practice tracks are real musicians playing.  They'll prepare you for playing with other musicians in real Jazz drumming situations. 

Drum Gear Featured In
My Beginner Drum Kit Set Up Course

I personally use or have used all of the the products I am recommending below. It's my hand-curated list to help you drum your best. 

These are affiliate links. Buying through Jazz Drum School is a convenient way to get your drum gear and an easy way to support the our work with drummers worldwide! Thank you 🤙


Vic Firth Heritage Brushes

The brushes I've used for over 10 years. Durable, consistent sound with perfectly gauged wire. 

Tama Traditional M-Jazz Drum Sticks

Standard sizes Jazz drum kit with great tone on stage and in the recording studio.

Vic Firth American Classic 7A Drum Sticks

The standard for 7A drum sticks from the largest stick maker in the World. 

Vic Firth American Custom T1 General Timpani Mallets

A high-end snare drum that will give you incredible responsiveness, tone and dynamics. 


Pearl Midtown Drum Kit

The best compact drum kit I have played and I own one too.

Gretsch Catalina Club Drum Kit

Standard sizes Jazz drum kit with great tone on stage and in the recording studio.

Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Snare Drum

A solid reasonably priced snare drum perfect for your Jazz drumming. 

Pearl Reference One Snare Drum

A high-end snare drum that will give you incredible responsiveness, tone and dynamics. 


Yamaha Crosstown  Lightweight Aluminum Drum Hardware Package

The best made lightweight aluminum hardware on the market. 

Tama Classic Hardware Set

A great lightweight drum hardware pack that'll save you money and take it easy on your back.

Yamaha Direct Drive 900 Series Kick Pedal

A sturdy, responsive and very smooth kick drum pedal. Perfect for gigging and practice.

Yamaha 700 Series Kick Pedal

My go-to portable kick drum pedal. Lightweight and compact but still full of power. 


Zildjian Kerope 20" Ride Cymbal

These cymbals have a dark, defined sound great for Jazz drumming. 

Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin 20" Ride Cymbal

Known worldwide for their famous sound, these cymbals are made for playing Jazz.

Zildjian Constantinople 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals

The standard in Jazz hi-hat sound, these hats have a smoky, dark tone. 

Zildjian K 20" Light Flat Ride

A great flat ride cymbal similar to the K Constantinople Flat Ride cymbal. 

Evans dB One Low Volume Cymbal Pack (14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch)

These cymbals sound amazing and really feel great to practice on. The best low volume cymbals on the market. 

Zildjian 18" A Custom Fast Crash Cymbal Extra-Thin

This crash cymbal is fantastic.  I use it on gigs with my Pearl Midtown compact drum kit for both riding and crashing. 


ROC-N-SOC Original Sadle Drum Throne

The most comfortable drum throne on the market. Worth every penny and I use one in my studio too.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Gas Original Sadle Drum Throne

This is the same comfortable drum throne I use but with the ease of hydraulics to raise and lower the throne.

Light Weight Drum Throne

This is the lightweight drum throne I use when I transport my drums to gigs. 

Egg Sitter Cushion

The portable drum throne cushion that saved my drumming career. I use it for all of my gigs. 


Evans Calftone Drum Heads

One of the best Jazz drum heads on the market. Great for playing brushes too.

Remo Fiberskyn Drum Heads

These are the other drum heads I recommend for playing Jazz. The texture also sounds great with brushes. 

Evans G2 Clear Drum Heads

This is the drum head I use on the batter side of my Pearl Midtown bass drum.

Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Heads

These are the standard head for many styles of drumming. Most commonly used on snare drums. 

Evans Tune Up Kit

Every drummer needs at least one of these. Give your snare drum a tune up and some TLC. 

Evans dB One Drum Heads

The best low volume drum heads on the market. Real feel and sound with less volume. 


Gator Cases Protechtor Series 5 piece Padded Drum Bag Set

Gator cases are road-tested, durable and long-lasting drum bags. Used by the pros everywhere. 

Protec Deluxe 24” 6-Pack Cymbal Bag with Padded Dividers and Puncture Resistant Bottom

These are the other drum heads I recommend for playing Jazz. The texture also sounds great with brushes. 

Zildjian 24" Rolling Cymbal Vault - Hard Case

Top-of-the-line protection for your top-of-the-line cymbal investments.

Protection Racket 28" x 16" x 10" Hardware Bag

These are the standard head for many styles of drumming. Most commonly used on snare drums. 

TAMA POWERPAD Single Pedal Bag

A great single bass drum pedal case I take to all of my gigs. Perfect protection for your prized pedals. 

Gator Cases Protechtor Series Classic 14"x 6.5" Snare Drum Case

To really protect your snare drum investment, get this hard case for travel to and from your gigs. 


Meinl 78" x 63" Drum Rug Mat

This is the drum rug I see at most of my gigs and in the recording studio. Durable and can take a beating.  

Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

This is the platform hand truck I use to move my full drum set to gigs. Tough and compact. 

Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck

My go-to hand truck for carrying my snare, cymbals, sticks and kick pedal to gigs. 


Best Brushes For Jazz

Playing with drumming brushes will improve your drumming and get you more gigs. Learn about the best drumming brushes on the market today. I've been using this model for over 10 years.

Best Jazz Drums

4 drum kits that are melodic, full of tone and lots of fun to play. Three of them are under $1000 too.  I've played all of them too. 

Versatile Crash Cymbal

The one crash cymbal every drummer needs to have in their cymbal collection. Jazz or Funk drumming, this cymbal is a chameleon of sound.  I use this crash cymbal as both a crash and a ride on my compact Pearl Midtown Drum Kit. 

Best Drum Throne Cushion

The best drum throne for bad back pain is actually a cushion for your throne. Learn how this cushion makes every drum throne back friendly.  I use this drum throne cushion for all of my gigs and in my lesson studio. 

2 Great Drum Carts

The sturdy, lightweight and compact Magna Cart hand truck folding design is ideal for drummers to move their gear. Trouble-free transport. I use both of these hand trucks to transport my drums for all of my gigs. 

Need some private Jazz drum lessons?

Book a private online drum lesson with me.  See my store for more details about my lessons or click on "Book a lesson" to pay and schedule your lesson today!

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Looking to get a new Jazz drum kit? Below are some tips that might help.

Decoding Drum Sets: Choosing the Perfect Jazz Kit

Jazz drum sets are not your typical drum kit. 
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned drummer, the world of drum sets can be both exciting and overwhelming.

When diving into the realm of drum sets, it's crucial to understand that not all kits are created equal. From the number of pieces and drum sizes to the materials used, each component plays a role in shaping your sound.

Jazz drum sets in particular serve a different purpose than say a Rock drum kit. To learn more, check out my article about the Best Drums For Jazz.

Jazz Drum Sets: Crafting Your Unique Sound

Jazz drum sets have their own sound and purpose.  
For drummers seeking the sophistication and dynamics of Jazz, the right drum set is really important. Jazz drum sets come with their own set of sonic characteristics, emphasizing nuances in tone and texture rather than pure volume.

Some of the specific features that define Jazz drum sets are the snare drum's responsiveness, the warm sustain of the toms, the resonating bass drum and the subtle nuances of the cymbals.

Unlike playing drums with heavily amplified music,  Jazz drum sets are designed blend well with Jazz instrumentation. This often includes acoustic instruments like upright bass, piano, guitar and horns. 

Finding the Perfect Match: Navigating the Drum Set Market

Focus on Jazz kits.
With a myriad of options available, finding the perfect drum set can be a daunting task. From acoustic to electronic, compact to expansive, the choices seem endless.

Focusing on Jazz drum kits helps you to narrow down your options.  Check out my Beginner Drum Kit Set Up free course to learn more about choosing the right drum gear and your perfect Jazz drum kit. 

Elevate Your Playing and Enhance Your Sound

Your Jazz drum set will be an extension of your voice.
Investing in the right drum set is important. Your drums will become your musical voice.

I always suggest going to your local drum shop and trying out different sets. A well-chosen drum set will inspire creativity and make your playing so much more enjoyable.

These days there are many drum manufacturers and they're all making great kits.  I shouldn't take you too long to find a kit that resonates with your musical soul.

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