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Brushes Mastery Course

The most complete drumming with brushes online drum lessons ever created. 
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SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

Drumming With Brushes

It's estimated that only 15-20% of all drummers can drum with brushes. From year-to-year the need for skilled brushes players is actually increasing.  This is because of their use in many styles of music. 

Drumming Brushes

Drumming brushes have wire bristles that can create infinite textures, tone colors and dynamics for music. Drum sticks on the other hand, are limited in the number of sounds they can make. 

Drumming with brushes will fill that sound gap in your playing.  Learning this valuable skill will improve your drumming and get you more opportunities to play.

This course is great for the beginning drummer, intermediate and advanced drummer.  I also designed my drum lessons to help you play brushes in any style of drumming.  

Drumming with brushes isn't just for Jazz anymore too.  Learn how to use brushes in Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Pop, Jazz and many other styles of drumming. Learn all of the techniques, patterns, grooves and fills I use so you too can be successful drumming with brushes. 

The Brushes Mastery Course is the most complete collection of online drum lessons for drumming with brushes every created.  

Drum With Brushes

Playing drumming brushes is usually the weakest part of a drummer's skill set. It is however, a crucial part of your Jazz drumming ability. This course will help you gain confidence drumming brushes in real musical situations. 

In the Brushes Mastery Course, there are more than 100 drumming brushes drum lessons (Over 20 hours of content), 40 drum lesson PDF's, 23 drum practice videos and 20 drum practice tracks. All of this will prepare you play brushes in Jazz and many other styles of music at rehearsal, on stage and in the recording studio.

Experience Drumming With Brushes

I'm drummer Von Baron and I designed this course based on my 35 years of playing drum brushes, teaching and overall Jazz drumming experience. I've used drumming brushes in many musical styles in the recording studio and on stage with artists like Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson and Geoff Keezer.

Join drummers in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America who are already improving their drumming brushes playing and Jazz drumming with this course. Sign up today and become smooth, confident and masterful drumming with brushes.



Here is part of the fast Jazz Swing drum lesson. This will give you a taste of the course and how I teach.

There is also a PDF download for this and many of the drum lessons when you join the course. 
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Practice with the pros! This is the practice video for the Fast Swing drumming with brushes lesson above.

Use the 23 practice videos in the course to improve with two of the top Jazz musicians in Japan. A drum chart (drum sheet music) for all practice songs is included when you join the course.

Start swinging those brushes.

Course reviews

"The videos are informative, well presented, and high quality. I am loving this content and it is incredibly useful material."
Jonathan M.
Course Customer
"I like very much the course and your musical approach."
Philippe P.
Course Customer
“Very inspiring and achievable. A wonderfully designed course that eliminates all the mystery and guesswork associated with the fine art of brushes. I was able to learn and improve immediately. All from an excellent drummer and teacher!”
Ernest D.
Course Customer
"The Brushes Mastery Course is really instructive and I appreciate many of your ideas and good suggestions which are helpful in Jazz drumming in general. Besides, it is much fun!” -
Axel H.
Course Customer
"It is a great course!"
Steve C.
Course Customer
"I’ve been enjoying your brushes course a lot and found some really useful lessons in there. The new Latin patterns beyond my basic Bossa are a godsend!”
Francis O.
Course Customer

The Brushes Mastery Course


Innovative Online drum lessons that teach you drumming with brushes. Improve your Jazz drumming and brushes skills through this and easy-to-follow teaching method.

You'll learn to create your own smooth, confident and masterful sound drumming with brushes. 

Everything you need to succeed playing brushes in the real world of music:
  • Over 20 hours of online drum lessons
  • 107 instruction videos  
  • 23 drum practice videos with top-tier Jazz musicians to hone your new brushing skills
  • 20 drumming brushes practice tracks
  • 40 drum lesson PDF's.


One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.  No need to pay for a costly monthly subscription.

3-Day trial. Take the BRUSHES MASTERY COURSE for a test drive. If after 3 days, the course isn't right for you, get a full refund. 


Learn with a relaxed, step-by-step method at your own pace.

You can also track your progress and see how much you have accomplished. 

More about drum brushes

In the beginning, drumming brushes are difficult for many drummers to use. This is why most drummers are scared to use them.

The Brushes Mastery Course will help you become confident using drumming brushes every time you pull them out of your stick bag. 

Vic Firth Brushes

There are many drumming brushes manufacturers on the market and I've tried most of them.  The brushes I have used consistently for about 10 years are the Vic Firth Heritage Brushes. I have a blog post about these great brushes here

Brushes Jazz

Brushes aren't only used in playing Jazz. In fact, I use them in Brazilian, Afro-Cuban Latin drumming, Pop, Country, Hip Hop and Funk drumming. My Brushes Mastery Course will teach you how to play these styles and many more with drum brushes. 

Jazz brushes technique

There is a very specific technique for playing drum brushes.  Learn how to relax and get incredible bounce and motion from your brushes. You're drumming brushes playing will instantly become smoother and easier.  

My drum lessons will also teach you many drumming brushes sweeping patterns, textures and sounds to use in the music you play. 

Practice pad for brushes

There are great drum stick practice pads out there but not so many choices for practicing with drumming brushes.  I've got a great video on how to make your own cheap drum brushes practice pad. Check it out below!

How to play drums with brushes

If you want to add brush playing to your drumming, my Brushes Mastery Course will get you there. You'll learn important drumming skills from beginning to advanced playing.

You'll also learn how to connect your brush playing to the music and other musicians you play with. Join today and learn to paint with sound.

My Secrets of Jazz Drumming course also teaches about Samba drum beats with brushes and ballad playing.  Give it a look too!

Learn the Samba drum beat and many other styles of drumming with brushes.

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Von Baron

Jazz drummer, educator, composer


Performing regularly on stage and in the recording studio for 35+ years, Von Baron is one of the busiest drummers in Japan. 

Playing with Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson, Geoff Keezer and many others gave Von the opportunity to hone his drumming brushes skills. 

It's with this real world experience, Von created this course to help you get the most out of your drum brushes. 
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