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Below is a collection of a recent performance and Jazz drumming lessons I've shared on my Jazz Drum School YouTube Channel.
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3 Exercises To Make You A Drumming Wizard!
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Test Your Drumming Time
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How To Play Like Elvin Jones
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Drums Trading Fours Practice
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Drum Solo Techniques - One-Handed Drum Solo
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Rudiment Drum Fills
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How To Play Swing On The Drums
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How To Solo On The Drums
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Tuning Up A Cheap Compact Drum Kit
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How To Pick A Jazz Ride Cymbal
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Von Baron Drum Lessons
on YouTube!

Check out my YouTube channel too for more free drum lessons. All videos cover Jazz drumming topics and connect to my lessons here at Jazz Drum School.

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9 Courses


Learn everything you need from scratch in this course pack to get swinging on your drums. Save yourself 20% too while you're building a rock solid Jazz drumming foundation. 

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9 Courses


This course pack covers everything you need to get you out there playing with other musicians. Enjoy 20% off while you sharpen your Jazz drumming skills.

Need a little more help with your Jazz drumming?

Send me a direct message in the School and ask your questions in my monthly Drum Lab class. Just some of the perks for joining Jazz Drum School! 

Jazz Drumming Courses

Jazz Drum Set For Beginners

Lots of lessons for beginning drummers
Since 1999 I have taught over 10,000 lessons in Jazz drum set for beginners.  I bring all of this instructional ability and my warm teaching style to both my lessons here at Jazz Drum School and to my YouTube channel videos

I have many drum lessons here at the school for beginners to advanced drumming skill levels. Even within a course like my Brushes Mastery Course, you will grow in your overall drumming skill level as you progress in the course. 

All of my lessons teach you essential Jazz drumming skills and prepare you for playing with other musicians. 

On this page I share some of my recent YouTube Jazz drum lessons.  These online free drum lessons connect directly to my courses here at the school. 

Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to also join my email list below to get free 1-minute drum lessons 2 times per month. 

If you're looking for lessons focused on Jazz drum set for beginners, intermediate or advanced, you'll find your swing here at Jazz Drum School. 

Learn To Play Jazz Drums

Now is a great time to learn Jazz drums. 
If you're still not sure if you want to learn to play Jazz drums, you've come to the right place. At Jazz Drum School, I'll demystify Jazz drumming and break it down so that you too can play like a pro.  

Check out my article Why Play Jazz Drums.  I some of benefits and the feeling you can experience when you learn to play Jazz drums. 

Jazz drumming skills will elevate all of your other drumming styles and make drumming more a lot more fun. If you're not sure where to start, check out my Intro To Jazz Drumming Course. It's a great primer to get you up and Swinging fast. 

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