The most important Jazz drumming skills you need to know.
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Welcome To Secrets of Jazz Drumming!

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

Innovative Drum Lessons

Secrets of Jazz Drumming is a course of innovative drum lessons that walk you step-by-step through what I play in an actual live performance. I break down for you what I play, when I play it and why I play it.  Through this series of online drum lessons you'll learn:

  • Dozens of secrets that will transform your Jazz drumming
  • How to "comp" on the drums
  • Drumming with brushes, drum sticks and hands
  • When to use drum sticks or drum brushes
  • How to do drum solos including trading fours and eights
  • How to play 4/4 and 3/4 Swing on the drums
  • Ballad drum brushes playing
  • Latin drumming including Afro-Cuban and Samba drum beats
  • Straight 8ths/ECM drum grooves
  • How to play smooth and swinging drum fills
  • How to listen to the other instruments in the band
  • How to play drums with the other instruments in the band
  • Jazz Standard Song form
  • And much more...


Drum lessons online at other sites usually focus only on how to play drum beats and drum fills. They don't help you learn how to play in real musical situations. My Secrets course and every course change all of that. Now you can learn secrets used by the greatest Jazz drummers and play great with other musicians.

This course is great for intermediate to advanced skill level drummers but is also helpful for a beginning drummer learning Jazz.  If you are looking for beginner drummer lessons, I encourage you to also check out my Intro To Jazz Drumming Course.  

When you finish this course, you'll know what to play and when to play it.  These drum lessons will help you be your best behind the drums in almost any Jazz drumming situation. 

The great part about learning these secrets, is you can use them in any other style of drumming you want to play.  Even if you play Rock or Funk drums, these secrets will make you a more successful drummer. 


The great part about learning these secrets and Jazz drumming, is you can use these new skills in any other style of drumming you want to play.  Even if you play Rock or Funk drums, learning Jazz drums will make you a more successful drummer. 

Jazz drumming is really a World Music style of playing because we use beats from all around the globe. In this course alone, you'll learn 6 of the most important drumming styles we play in Jazz drums:

  • 4/4 Swing
  • 3/4 Swing
  • 9/8 or 3/4 Afro-Cuban
  • Jazz Ballad
  • Samba
  • Straight 8ths/ECM

After you finish these drum lessons you may want to go deeper.  Check out my Brushes Mastery Course to learn more about drumming with brushes in various styles of music.

My Afro-Cuban Latin Drumming course will also improve your drummer independence and give you many new grooves you can play on the bandstand.

I'm looking forward to revealing over 100 powerful drumming secrets with you today!



Here is a preview from the hours of drum lessons in this course. Notice how the teaching follows the music.  There is also a PDF download for most of the drum lesson videos when you join the course. 
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The Secrets of Jazz Drumming Course


This course saves you time and money by focusing on the most important skills you need, to learn how to play Jazz drums.

At the end of the 5 hours of instruction you will understand how to play Jazz drums in real musical situations.


One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.  No need to pay for a costly monthly subscription.


Learn with a relaxed, step-by-step method at your own pace.

You can also track your progress and see how much you have accomplished. Example below is from the Brushes Mastery Course.

Von Baron

Jazz drummer, educator, composer


Performing regularly on stage and in the recording studio for 35+ years, Von Baron is one of the busiest drummers in Japan. 

Playing with Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson, Geoff Keezer and many others gave Von the opportunity to hone his brushing skills. 

It's with this real world experience, Von created this course to give you a solid foundation for your Jazz drumming.
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