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Frequently asked questions

Why learn Jazz drumming?

Jazz drumming coordination, musicianship and varied styles of playing make it a powerful foundation for any drummer. 

I've always said, if you learn Jazz drumming, everything else is a piece of cake.  It's also incredibly FUN!

There is great freedom in Jazz drumming to interact and respond to the music. Creativity is valued more beat making.

What can you offer that I can't get at other online drum schools or lessons?

Learning Jazz drumming technique is only 50% of the skill needed to play brushes and Jazz drums successfully on the bandstand. The other 50% is knowing how to connect that technique to the music.

Many online drumming courses stop at learning drum fills and grooves.  My Jazz drumming courses will help you learn those skills and use them in real musical situations. Connecting your drumming to real music and real musicians is essential for success. 

Can I play the course videos on my phone?

Yes! You can use any web browser on your iPhone or Android device to easily play course videos and track your progress. Jazz Drum School courses work on tablets too.

In addition to your mobile devices, you can of course enjoy my Jazz drumming courses on your laptop or desktop computers. 

Should I follow the lessons sequentially?

My Jazz drumming courses are designed to move from one lesson to the next. I encourage you not to jump around. 

There may be concepts or specific skills you hadn't thought of or learned, so moving sequentially will ensure you cover everything. 

Is there a trial period?

Because of the large number of downloads within each course, a trial period is not possible.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your courses, please feel free to contact me above.  I will work hard to make things right for you. Thanks so much in advance for your understanding. 

Can I pay in my currency?

You can purchase your course in multiple currencies. Prices are in USD but can be paid securely in many currencies using Stripe or PayPal.  After your payment is complete, you will be directed to your course.
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