Drum Lab

Jazz Drum School's Exclusive Classroom

You are automatically enrolled in this free monthly live stream class with Von Baron when you enroll in a course or course pack. Attend class whenever you like. 

Get Extra Help

I want you to succeed at your Jazz Drumming. Drum Lab is a great opportunity to get answers to your burning Jazz drumming questions to keep you motivated and swinging those drums.

Sometimes we hit bumps in the road and feel like we're not getting better fast enough. I'm here to help you stay focused and keep pushing toward your drumming goals. 

How To Join The Drum Lab Class

Go to your Drum Lab course video player.  You will see all previous and upcoming Drum Labs listed on the left side. 

I'm using YouTube Streaming for these classes with comments enabled.  Type in your questions in the chat and I'll answer as many as I can.  You can also email me or message me your questions here at the School up to 2 days in advance. 

There is no set time limit for each class however we'll probably stop at about 1.5 hours max. 

See video below for how to connect to the class (This video has no audio).

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