Add some flair to your Jazz hi-hat playing.
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Learn sizzling hi-hat licks for your Jazz drumming.

Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat Mini Course

  • Instructor: Von Baron
  • Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Study time: 1 hour
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Course Overview
Learn sizzling hi-hat drum licks for your Jazz drumming. These swinging hi-hat fills will have you playing your hats like the greats.

Add more dimension and musicality to your hats. Use these patterns to play your hi-hats during melodies, bass solos and other parts of the song. 

  • Drum Lessons Video: 1 hour
  • Drum Lessons: 10
  • Multiple Instructor Playing Examples
  • 8-Page PDF Download
  • Drum Practice Tracks: 2

The ABC's of Killer Hi-Hat Licks

My Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat course breaks down the magic behind hi-hat fills of greats like Buddy Rich and Max Roach.  Learn these super smooth and simple patterns to create your own fill ideas and swing hard on the kit. 

By the end of my course, you'll know how to play cool hi-hat licks with your Jazz drumming. Included in the course are one hour of instruction, an 8-page PDF and 2 drum practice tracks. 

Jazz Hi-Hat Fills Are a Drummer's Secret Weapon

Hi-hat fills are a secret weapon for any Jazz drummer looking to add flair to their playing. In my course, you'll learn 5 solid hi-hat fill patterns that will make your hi-hat playing more creative and swing harder. 

These are fills that I use regularly on all of my gigs.  They're not only tasty, they're also extremely useful. 

A Crash Course in Jazz Hi-Hat Fills

Learn Jazz hi-hat fills the easy way! Join me for a crash course filled with practical tips and tricks that'll have you drumming like a pro in no time.

To learn more essentials for playing Jazz hi-hat, check out my Intro To Jazz Drumming course too! 



Add some slick hi-hat fills to your playing
  • INTRO - 02:38
  • HI-HAT FILL PATTERN #1 - 08:23
  • HI-HAT FILL PATTERN #2 - 09:27
  • HI-HAT FILL PATTERN #3 - 03:51
  • HI-HAT FILL PATTERN #4 - 02:58
  • HI-HAT FILL PATTERN #5 - 03:58
  • CONCLUSION - 01:06


Here's some of the lesson on Hi-Hat Fill Pattern #1.  

There is a PDF download for this and all of the lessons in the course when you enroll. 
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Beginner Drum Lessons Pack

Learn more essentials of Jazz hi-hat in my Intro To Jazz Drumming course and get it at a nice discount! A beginner drummer lessons package to get you ready to play with other Jazz musicians. 

Get swinging at a great price.

The Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat Mini Course


This course saves you time and money by breaking down the hi-hat licks used by the greats. 

By the end of these online drum lessons, you'll be able to play smooth, cool fills on your hi-hat. 

  • 1 hour of online drum lessons
  • 10 drum lesson videos
  • 8-page PDF
  • 2 drum practice tracks
  • Multiple live performance examples


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Monthly Groove Pass

Dive into the world of Jazz drumming using the Monthly Groove Pass. Every course is within reach with an affordable monthly investment in your passion!
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6-Month Groove Pass

Discover your Jazz drumming excellence with the 6-Month Groove Pass— access all courses for a budget-friendly semi-annual investment in yourself!
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Annual Groove Pass

Immerse yourself in the universe of Jazz drumming through the Annual Groove Pass! All courses are at your fingertips with a budget-friendly yearly commitment to your musical journey!
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  • Full access to over 300 lessons
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Need a little more help with hi-hat playing?

Book a private online drum lesson with me. See my store for more details about my lessons!

Von Baron

Jazz drummer, educator, composer


Performing regularly on stage and in the recording studio for 35+ years, Von Baron is one of the busiest drummers in Japan. 

Playing with Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson, Geoff Keezer and many others gave Von the opportunity to hone his Jazz drumming skills. 

It's with this real world experience, Von created this course to give you a solid foundation for your Jazz drumming.
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