Backing Tracks For Drums

120 drumless tracks to improve your Jazz drumming. Practice drums with great Jazz musicians.
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Take a listen! I've got you covered for many styles of drumming we play in Jazz music. Practice with the pros! 

Many of the drumless tracks also have a drum chart (drum sheet music) to take your drum practice to a higher level. 

You can also purchase and download all of these drumless tracks at!

Welcome to the Jazz Drum School Backing Tracks For Drums

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced

What Are Backing Tracks For Drums?

Backing tracks for drums are play along music tracks for drummers to practice.  There are many backing tracks out there for Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop and other styles. There aren't so many for drummers to practice their Jazz drumming. 

Drumless Tracks

With the right drumless tracks, as they're also called, you can even prepare for live MUSIC playing situations. This is something I always keep in mind when I create my drum practice tracks. 

I want you to have fun and be able to practice in a way that gets you ready to play with other musicians. That's the point yes? We want to play with others and make great music together. 

Jazz Drumless Tracks

Jazz music is a very special kind of music. The thing that separates Jazz from all other styles is a musical conversation.  

What that means is, each of the musicians is listening to the other musicians' musical ideas.  We do this in Jazz music to play things that support or continue each other's musical phrases. 

The drumless tracks in this collection let you practice being a part of that musical conversation. None of the tracks are loops.  Instead, they are real music played by real skilled Jazz musicians.

Because you're playing with real musicians, you can develop real Jazz drumming skills like Jazz drums comping, drumming time and feel, drum soloing and much more. 

To learn more about how to be a part of the Jazz conversation, take a look at my Secrets Of Jazz Drumming Course.  I break down over 100 parts of the Jazz conversation and how to play each of them on the drums. 

Learn How To Play Drums

When we want to learn how to play drums, our main goal should be playing well with other musicians. These drumless tracks are great to develop this essential skill. 

If you don't have a many Jazz musicians in your town to practice with, my drumless tracks will help.  They're also helpful to get you ready for your first Jazz Jam session. 

My drumless tracks will give you some real-world playing experience in the comfort of your own home. Most of the drumless tracks in this collection also have drum charts (drum sheet music).  

Having an audio track and a drum chart to follow along gives you double the practice and playing experience.  If you're unsure how to read a drum chart, also check out my Brushes Mastery Course.  I take the mystery out of reading a drum chart.

Drum Solos And Trading Fours and Eights

There are almost no drumless tracks out there that help you improve your Jazz drum solos.  All of my drumless tracks have a bass only mix so you can play long drum solos over the form of each song. 

I also have specific tracks to get you better at trading fours and eights. Trading fours and eights is when another instrument like the saxophone plays a four or eight-measure solo followed by the drums playing a four or eight-measure solo. 

This can go back and forth many times through the form of a song and is another opportunity for drummers to continue the musical conversation.  You can practice this important skill in both my Trading Fours And Eights and Almost Jazz Standards drumless tracks. 

To learn more about how to trade fours and eights, check out my Intro To Jazz Drumming Course, my Secrets of Jazz Drumming Course and my Brushes Mastery Course!

Drumming Practice Tips

If we have fun when we practice, we're going to do it a lot more often. I think in drumming practice, we need balance. 

We need a mix of specific hand, foot and drummer independence exercises and playing with music.  If all of drumming practice is focused only on drumming exercises, we won't really know how to connect our new skills to music. 

That's were drumless tracks can really help you.  Work on your coordination exercises like the ones on my Jazz Drumming Patterns Course.  After you're comfortable, try playing some of your new drumming patterns with these drumless tracks. 

This is a great way to connect the dots and really start to improve your drumming. You'll also be getting yourself ready to use your new drumming abilities when playing music with other musicians. 


Enjoy practicing drums.

Drumless tracks reviews

"Finally, someone who gets how we need to practice to learn this style! Real players, real tunes, no clicks and very long arrangements.  Great stuff!"
John S.
Drumless Tracks Customer
I really can’t say anymore about it. If you're new to Jazz or not and need to work on your time etc. Buy It ! Great value for your money !!!!
Rick W.
Drumless Tracks Customer
"These tracks are fun to play, with enough challenging hits for every level. Beginners to professionals will enjoy playing these tracks."
John C.
Drumless Tracks Customer
"Great musics. thank you."
Nicolas B.
Drumless Tracks Customer
"These tracks are very well put together. No click needed because you can virtually set your watch by these guys! A great way to practise time feels , soloing and just generally blowing over standard song forms. Lovely stuff!!"
Keith H.
Drumless Tracks Customer
"I am pleased to use, and listen, the musical support. I use for drumming and I have noted some improvement in my performances. I will enjoy with additional volume."
Francesco M.
Drumless Tracks Customer
Develop “confident” sense of rhythm.
That’s what these tracks do. They work!
Brian H.
Drumless Tracks Customer
The tracks are swinging and sounding excellent and is so much fun to play to it. And the best way of practicing / enjoying the trading.
Stefan H.
Drumless Tracks Customer

Jazz Drum School Backing Tracks For Drums


Innovative drumless tracks to help you practice with drum sticks and drum brushes.  Learn to play a wide variety of music styles we use in Jazz drumming. 

Improve your Jazz drums comping, drum solos, coordination, time, feel and a lot more. 

Just what you need to improve your Jazz drumming and be able to play with other musicians:
  • Over 120 drumless tracks
  • Over 3 hours of music
  • 27 drum chart PDF's.


One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.  No need to pay for a costly monthly subscription.

Access your music whenever you like. Practice any time of day. 


Practice Jazz drumming at your own pace.

You can also track your progress and see how much you have practiced with your drum less tracks. 

The progress tracker example below is for my Brushes Mastery Course.

Check out my video drumless tracks in the Brushes Mastery Course!

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Von Baron

Jazz drummer, educator, composer


Performing regularly on stage and in the recording studio for 35+ years, Von Baron is one of the busiest drummers in Japan. 

Playing with Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson, Geoff Keezer and many others gave Von the opportunity to hone his Jazz drumming skills. 

It's with this real world experience, Von created these drumless tracks to help you get the most out of your drumming practice. 
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