Starting out on the drums?

Below is my recommended course progression for beginning Jazz drummers.

#1 Beginner Drum Kit Set Up

When you're just starting out, you might not know what kind of drum gear to buy or how to set it up. This course will help you take the stress out these first important steps.

In here, you'll get my recommendations for drum kits, cymbals, drum heads, sticks, brushes, drum thrones, drum rugs, drum bags and a lot more. 

You'll also learn how I set up my drum kit to make your drumming more fluid and help you avoid injury. 

#2 Intro To Jazz Drumming

This course is a must for all beginner drummers learning Jazz.  In here, you'll gain essential Jazz drumming skills that will form the foundation for your drumming future. 

Improve your drum set independence, play Jazz Swing drum grooves and fills, trade fours and more. 

#3 Jazz Drum Comping

This is the next course I recommend. Here, you'll learn how to "comp" on the drums. The word "comp" is short for "accompanying." It's when we use our drums to communicate with the other musicians in the band. 

In here, you'll learn the next level of independence exercises. You'll also improve your listening and know when to play and what to play in real music situations. 

This course will take you up through intermediate level Jazz drumming. A great choice for your drumming now and later. 

#4 Brushes Mastery Course

Brushes are as important as sticks in playing Jazz on the drums.  Brushes give us another texture, tone and color option that blends beautifully with ballads to Bossas. 

My Brushes Mastery Course takes you from the essentials, like how to hold your brushes and the different sounds you can make, all the way up to using them in dozens of styles of music, playing fills and soloing. 

You'll be able to use this course through advanced level drumming.  A super choice for your Jazz drumming now and down the road. 

The first two sections of the course are great for beginners and will give you everything you need to get up and swinging your brushes in no time.  

#5 Backing Tracks For Drums

Now that you've got some real drumming technical skill under your belt, you'll want to practice with more music to hone your Jazz drumming skills. 

With over 120 drumless backing tracks, you'll be able to practice your new abilities and use the tracks for future course practicing too. 
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#6 Odd Meter Jazz Drumming

In Jazz drumming we often get asked to play songs in 3/4 and 5/4 meters. When starting out, most of the songs we play are in 4/4 (4 beats to a measure) but it's good to be prepared for odd meters too.

As you progress in your Jazz drumming you'll start to encounter songs in 3/4 (3 beats to a measure) and 5/4 (5 beats to a measure). 

Don't worry if this all sounds confusing. In here, you'll replace your confusion with confidence. You'll be able to play both Swing drum grooves and drum fills in 3/4 and 5/4.  

This course will help you up through your intermediate level drumming. An excellent choice to expand your drumming skills now and in the future. 

#7 Jazz Funk Drumming

Believe it or not, swinging your Funk beats is an important skill in Jazz drumming. Almost every gig I play involves this drumming feel at some point. 

In here, you'll learn how to take any Funk groove and swing it like Hip-Hop. Learn how to get this unique feel, 5 grooves for both hi-hat and ride cymbal and some cool drum fills. 

#8 Secrets of Jazz Drumming

This course takes you into the minds of the great Jazz drummers. Learn over 100 tips for what pro Jazz drummers think and play in real music situations. 

Jazz drumming is more than just technique, it's about playing music. From cleaning up your drumming sound, trading fours, playing with the soloist to a whole lot more, this course covers a lot of ground. 

Knowing these essential concepts will deepen your drumming prowess and get you more opportunities to play. This course will take you all the way to advanced level drumming. Definitely a great investment in your drumming future. 

#9 Drum Lab

Got questions about your courses and Jazz drumming? Join my free monthly Drum Lab live stream class. 

Just by purchasing any course, bundle or signing up for Groove Pass, you are automatically enrolled into Drum Lab. Instructions for connecting to the class can be found on the Drum Lab course page

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Have questions or need help deciding which courses are best for you? Let me know below and I'll be happy to help!  -Von

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