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Easy Way For Great Drum Solos
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Easy Jazz Samba Beat
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Improve Your Jazz Drum Comping
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Smooth Drum Fill For Jazz Drumming
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Cool Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat Drum Fill
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Easily Move Between Different Grooves
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Drumming Rudiments For Brushes
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Smooth Paradiddles With Brushes
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Check out my YouTube channel too for more free drum lessons. All videos cover Jazz drumming topics and connect to my lessons here at Jazz Drum School.

Drum Set Lessons

Learning how to play drums can be so enjoyable. 
I've taught over 10,000 drum set lessons over the years. From the beginning of my teaching career, I wanted to make drum set lessons fun for my students. 

One of the easiest ways to make drum set lessons fun is by playing drums as students learn. After-all, the reason for learning drums is to play them. 

On this page I share some quick lessons that will help you try new drumming skills and get you playing them ASAP. 

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My drum lessons here at Jazz Drum School are designed to get you up and grooving quickly.  I know that if you can feel how fun it is to play drums, you will stay motivated to learn.

Learn To Play Drums

Now is a great time to learn the drums. 
If you've been thinking you'd like to learn to play drums, now is an awesome time.  There are also a few things you need to get started. 

Check out my article 3 Things To Learn How To Play Drums.  I lay out 3 things that will help you dive into the world of drumming. 

No matter what style of drumming you want to learn, learning Jazz drumming first, will make it so much easier for you. 

Check out my article 5 Of The Best Reasons To Learn Jazz Drumming.  In it, I spell out exactly why Jazz drumming is so great for every drummer to learn. 

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Learn everything you need from scratch to get swinging on your drums. Save yourself 25% too while you're building a rock solid Jazz drumming foundation. 

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9 Courses


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