Already mastered the essentials of beginner Jazz drumming?

Below is my recommended course progression for intermediate to advanced Jazz drumming. 

#1 Jazz Drum Set Independence Patterns

The most difficult part of Jazz drumming is independence. Getting our hands and feet to play together in musical ways can be very challenging for most drummers.

In here, I'll rewire your brain for the drumming coordination of great Jazz drummers like Tony Williams, Elvin Jones and Brian Blade.  When you finish this course, you'll be a different drummer. 

#2 Afro-Cuban Latin Drumming

Afro-Cuban Latin drumming is not only exciting but also essential for your Jazz drumming. Whether, it's Mozambique, Mambo or Bembé, we get asked to play many Latin rhythms in Jazz.

In here, you'll learn the most important Latin grooves we use in Jazz and expand your drumming feel and independence. 

#3 Brazilian Drumming

Since the 1960's Brazilian rhythms have been fused with Jazz music. Knowing Bossa Nova and Samba are critical for your success in Jazz drumming.

In this course, you'll learn Brazilian percussion, the 6 most important Bossa/Samba rhythms, dozens of drumming grooves and a lot more. 

#4 Jazz Drum Fills

Jazz drum fills are in a category all their own.  In Jazz we move beyond drum licks and into musical phrases. 

In here, you'll learn over 30 sticking patterns and how to use them in infinite ways across your drum kit.  You'll never run out of ideas for drum fills and solos ever again! 

#5 Jazz Drum Soloing

Trading fours and eights, chorus solos, vamp solos, open solos and arranged solos are all very common in Jazz drumming.  Knowing how to play each of these is essential for your Jazz drumming. 

In this course, you'll learn each type of soloing and how to come up with endless ideas for what to play during your solos. This course works together with the Jazz Drum Fills course. 

#6 Fast Jazz Ride Cymbal

Playing fast Jazz Swing is not as difficult as you might think.  As you get better on the drums, you'll naturally start to play faster tempos. 

In here, you'll learn the technique I use for playing fast and relaxed at almost any speed. This course will help you break through the speed barrier with relative ease.

#7 Jazz Drumming Hi-Hat

Max Roach and Buddy Rich could play the heck out the hi-hats. They played fills that really expanded the creative potential of this unique voice on the drum kit.

Using the fills I teach in this course will make your hi-hat playing more musical.  You'll add dimension to your playing during bass solos, grooves and any other place your working those hats.

In here, you'll learn how to play in "2", five cool fill patterns, hi-hat fanning and more. 

#8 Reading Drum Sheet Music

Reading drum charts (drum sheet music) or music lead sheets doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, once you master this valuable drumming skill, you'll stop getting lost when playing with other musicians. 

In here, you'll learn the symbols and structure of drum charts and lead sheets and how to set up kicks like in big band drumming.  I also cover pick up notes, intros, endings, changing feels and more. 

This one will get you all the way through your intermediate level drumming.

#9 Drum Lab

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